The Jefferson Yacht Club is a private yacht club with a growing membership. Persons who desire to apply for membership are required to complete a membership application which can be completed on line or submitted to the club office during normal hours of operation. All membership applications require a deposit in the amount equal to one year's dues.  Membership applications are reviewed and approved every month by the JYC Board of Directors.
The JYC recognizes the following classes of members:

1. Active Members
2. Non-Resident Members
3. Lifetime Members 

New members are only eligible for active membership.

Active Membership

Active membership shall include the following classifications:

Family Membership: A family membership shall apply to one active member, and the active members designated associate member who must live in the same household as the active member.

Single Membership: A single membership shall apply to one active member. A single member may not designate an associate member.

An Active Membership shall be available to any person who is 21 years of age or over. Active Members shall have an interest in the assets and property of the Club, shall be entitled to one vote, and can hold an office. They shall pay an initiation fee as established by the Board of Directors, dues as determined by the Membership, and a minimum expenditure for food and beverage service as set by the Board. Active Members shall be entitled to all privileges of the Club for themselves and legal dependents under the age of 21. They shall be named on the Active Members application. Additions and deletions must be submitted to the Board for approval.

The Active Membership will have only one address and one account and the Active Member is responsible for all dues, fees, assessments and charges to the Club, regardless of the relationship to the Associate Member.
An Associate shall be a person named on an Active Family Members application. In naming a person as an Associate, the Active Member attests that he/she is in an Associate relationship with that person, and that they reside in the same household. Active Members are limited to one Associate at a time but may change his/her Associate by submitting a revised application to the Board of Directors for approval and relinquishing the Associates membership card.

An Associate shall enjoy the same privileges as an Active Member however he/she shall not pay dues, not have voting rights, not hold an office nor have an interest in the assets or property of the Club. Should the Active Member permanently leave the Club, the named Associate may assume that Active Membership by a majority vote in favor by the Board and without payment of an initiation fee.

The Active and Associate Members will each be issued a membership card. They are responsible for the use of these cards for themselves and with respect to their approved dependents.

There is a one-time initiation fee of $200 for new memberships.

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: $650 PER YEAR plus $75/monthly minimum (billed quarterly)
SINGLE MEMBERSHIP: $500 PER YEAR plus $50/monthly minimum (billed quarterly)

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